Fun Factory Manta 7″ Vibrating Silicone Masturbator & Couple’s Toy


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A versatile powerhouse of pleasure suitable for men’s and couple’s use.
The Manta features sleek wings at the top that wrap around the penis to add power and movement to its vibration whether used as a masturbator or for targeted stimulation.
Its curvaceous shape fits comfortably between two bodies, transforming the penis into a vibrator, and it can also be used during blow jobs to create the sensation of deep throating when pushed to the base of the shaft.
Ridges on the medical-grade silicone wings are specifically designed to hold lubricant for improved, longer lasting glide, while a loop at the base allows for easy handling.
This quiet and discreet vibrator also boasts a travel lock, USB-recharging functionality and a charge indicator light.


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