Pipedream Deluxe Vibro Balls


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If you’ve never tried anal play, these Deluxe Vibro Balls are just what you need to explore the amazing world of anal stimulation.
The Deluxe Vibro Balls have a diameter of 1.25 and feature a sturdy retrieval cord for safe and easy handling. The sleek weighted balls are self-pleasuring and continue to vibrate with each movement of your body. Even the slightest tremble will activate exquisitely silent vibrations that never require batteries!
Enjoy the thrilling sensations of anal pressure and pleasure by popping one ball in at a time, inserting as many as you feel comfortable with before gently tugging the sturdy retrieval cord to release each ball for even more stimulation. Try tugging your Deluxe Vibro Balls mid-orgasm for the most explosive climax youve ever imagined!
“During oral, he popped them in and tugged on them (incredible!). The balls were too big for beginners but would suit intermediate level. The string was long, making holding on to them easy he wrapped it around his penis while he penetrated me vaginally, so there was no risk of losing it. We both loved feeling the balls moving around during sex.”


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